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Home » All Categories » How to Find Products & Suppliers » Can I trust the Italian fashion companies joining the ItalianModa marketplace?
Question Title Can I trust the Italian fashion companies joining the ItalianModa marketplace?

Yes! The companies joining the marketplace are serious manufacturers or suppliers who passed a preliminary screening before getting the marketplace's membership.

Though ItalianModa does NOT endorse any of those companies (and it not responsible for what they say or do), there is no reason you shouldn't trust them. They are real organizations (often established many decades ago) that you can check at any time. Each member of the ItalianModa marketplace comes with all its identification and contact data, including the company's Tax (VAT) Code and, often, the DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) number. You can find all of these data in the showroom of each company.

The Italian companies are serious and professional organizations, and they want to deal with serious customers. Mutual commercial benefits are the bottom line of fair business.

If you feel that sought-after Italian fashion products (which are usually more expensive than those coming from other countries) are the right choice for your business, you can do business with confidence with the companies joining ItalianModa.

More, if you want to gain their trust even better you should consider to apply for becoming a TRUSTED BUYER (application is for free).

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