Bronze gas tube bracelet


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Bronze "gas pipe" bracelet An authentic design bracelet, great looking, you can see and appreciate for its modernity and elegance. Made by Cavas jewels, for this bracelet we used the bronze instead of the silver, the processing is typical of the "gas pipe" just because it resembles that tube used for methane gas, the end caps are made of brass. The whole bracelet has a treatment e. hypoallergenic coating, it is a transparent that allows you to stay long (but not forever) with this finish. The opening and closing is regulated by an internal spring and the bracelet wraps around the wrist and can be worn in two different ways: end caps over the wrist or under the wrist. The dimensions: 3.80 cm wide and often 0.8 cm long 18.0 cm suitable for wrists from 17 cm to 19.00 cm

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