Full-art by Ruggiero Bignardi

Full-Art by Ruggiero Bignardi:
Enjoy the luxury of wearing a masterpiece

Our company

Thanks to Ruggiero Bignardi, art permeates the world of fashion and fills it with aesthetic symbols that possess a timeless beauty: in this way, fashion design and culture merge together and find their highest expression through the creation of the artist’s scarfs.
The works of Ruggiero Bignardi are a celebration of creativity and uniqueness: as they merge art and fashion in their highest expression, people all over the world now have the possibility to wear unique garments that go beyond trends, cultural origins and age.
Art was always present in the life of Ruggiero Bignardi, even before he was born.
His whole family has had a thing for creative disciplines for generations: fashion, decoration and painting being only a few examples. This particular aspect of the personal dimension has shaped the professional life of Ruggiero Bignardi and gave him a particular feel for colour matching and the aesthetic balance of shapes.
The brand full-art is dedicated to all the ambered of the art that feel the need to express their passion with objects and clothes they wear. Full-ART completely understands and shares this necessity.
The desire to feel unique and leads an increasing number of people to choose Full-ART garments and accessories for their outfits, for both big occasions and for the everyday touch of art that makes life amazing.

Our products

Ruggiero Bignardi has managed to reinterpret everyday objects and turn them into wearable pieces of art.
The process is followed by the artist in every aspect: first, the choice of the painting to be reproduced on fabric, then the graphic redesign and the accurate choice of textiles.
All Full-ART garments and accessories by Ruggiero Bignardi are manufactured in Italy with high-quality fabric and materials; the silk that makes the scarfs comes from the silk district of Como (Italy), all stitching is hand-made and the accessories are manufactured by carefully selected Italian artisans.
Full-Art by Ruggiero Bignardi:
Enjoy the luxury of wearing a masterpiece
Tie them softly around your neck, lay them casually on your shoulders or tie them around your hair to enhance your personal style: the scarfs are the exaltation of individuality, a distinctive mark of your daily mood, both for the choice of color and looks and for its versatility.
For this reason, Ruggiero Bignardi chose it as his favourite accessory and signature garment in his collections, which are completely based on the exaltation of creativity, the quality of made in Italy products and the choice for a life which revolves around art.
The piece of art becomes a search for expression, the connection with the world of culture from which fashion always draws inspiration.
Ruggiero Bignardi’s collections represent the connection between art and fashion design, between culture and self-expression, so as to allow all lovers of art to wear unique garments of indisputable value.


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