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001 - Total Look Woman
The lot consists of Skirts, Shirts, Jackets, Coats, Pants, and Dresses for a total of 400 garments, all of high quality Italian tailoring and with fabrics produced only in Italy.

Viscose and Wool

  • Packing List
  • Weight of whole lot: 80 Kg
  • Why this low wholesale price? Leftovers

Price of WHOLE lot:
EUR 20,000.00

USD 23,483.00

Quantity in the lot:
800 Pcs


Regular wholesale price for one unit: EUR 50.00
Your wholesale price for one unit: EUR 25.00

Suggested retail price for one unit: EUR 125.00

You save 50.0% OFF regular wholesale price
and 80.0% OFF suggested retail price (for one item)

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