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"Pronto moda" (also known as "fast fashion" or "ready-to-wear") is an Italian phrase about trendy clothing that moves from catwalks to street shops and boutiques in the fastest time to capture the latest fashion trends in the market. The best and most fashionable "pronto moda" clothes are designed and manufactured in Italy, quickly and at reasonable prices to allow mainstream consumers to take advantage of current styles at affordable prices.

Though the philosophy of fast manufacturing and delivery is used by large retailers offering low price (and often poor quality) clothing produced in China or other countries, fast fashion is embraced also by many Italian fashion companies and brands.They offer fantastic styles and colors in a huge variety of trendy clothes for women and men, at reasonable prices and with the typical Italian high-quality standards. Italian pronto moda is more expensive than clothing made by Chinese companies, but is definitely something different.

Made in Italy "pronto moda" clothing and accessories are a real premium for any fashion-conscious consumer. Shops, boutiques, online shops, as well as fashion wholesalers and distributors can enjoy larger sales and higher profits when offering Italian prontomoda clothing. The ItalianModa B2B marketplace allows you to find, select and make contact with many of the best Italian fashion companies and brands. Fast, and for free!

You can browse a huge amount of pictures of fantastic Italian "pronto moda" clothes for women and men, ask information to manufacturers and even use tens of wholesale online catalogs, where you can find the most amazing Italian fashions at the better wholesale prices, and place an order.

In a nutshell: fashion buyers can find and purchase wholesale Italian pronto moda clothing directly from the Italian companies, brands and factories in Italy, at lower prices and with a much higher choice.

Are you looking for superb "made in Italy" clothing (for women, men or children) with your label or logo? Most Italian manufacturers joining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace offer high-level Private Label services able to match any serious requirement, even with low minimums.

If you are an agent or distributor your best choice is to deal with the outstanding fashions from qualified Italian fashion companies and brands. Click here to understand how to apply for becoming a representative or distributor of Italian fashion clothing (or knitwear).

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