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Your wholesale online store of leather bags made in Italy Every year lots of tourists come to Florence, Italy eagerly looking for handcrafted leather purses, handbags and wallets. Following the ancient tradition of San Lorenzo Market, in the heart of Florence, Tuscany, perhaps the most famous tourist market in Italy, we supply retailers with a large range of genuine leather accessories designed and handmade in Italy. Thanks to our wholesale online store you can now provide your clients with such high-quality genuine leather goods. QUALITY LEATHER HANDBAGS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS Worldwide customers crave Italian fashion goods, especially leather bags for ladies . If you are in the fashion business, and for example, you run a clothes and accessories shop and are looking for a reliable supplier of fine leather handbags, please register yourself on this website. You’ll find a specialized and varied catalogue of colorful, high-quality and trendy products, and a special wholesale price list.

Florence Leather Market

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There’s a perfect bag for any moment and occasion. We sell a wide variety of genuine-leather bags that perfectly fits - we are sure! - your client's tastes. Our online store offers trendy bags and wallets both for work and leisure time wearing. Classy handbags, backpack purses, shoulder bags, fanciful clutches, roomy shoppers… Have a look at our products on our website. We have very special prices for Resellers and business partners.

Wholesale price range

HANDBAGS - Leather Bags
From 13.4656256242 to 168.320320302 USD
From 13.4656256242 to 168.320320302 USD

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Leather backpack-shoulder bag “Daria”

Wholesale price: $33.00



Backpack “Springs” in smooth calfskin

Wholesale price: $54.00

italian-italian bags-(sm)


Beautiful business handbag for ladies made from saffiano calf leather

made in italy-fashion handbags-(sm)


Backpack purse and shoulder bag

Wholesale price: $27.00

italian-fabric handbags-(sm)


Bowler leather bag with side flaps

Wholesale price: $32.00

italy-luxury handbags-(sm)



Wholesale price: $12.00

italian-fashion bags-(sm)


Shoulder bag

Wholesale price: $28.00

made in italy-canvas handbags-(sm)



Wholesale price: $17.00

italy-leather accessories-(sm)



Wholesale price: $23.00

italy-leather accessories-1-(sm)


Italian original “Zainetto” for women. Leather backpack purse with hook closure.

Wholesale price: $75.00

italian-fashion handbags-(sm)


Freestyle Bag

Wholesale price: $45.00

italy-luxury handbags-1-(sm)


Small handbag

Wholesale price: $26.00

italian-luxury handbags-(sm)


Handy shoulder bag. Small leather messenger bag with two compartments inside

Wholesale price: $50.00

made in italy-luxury bags-(sm)


Bowling bag with golden hardware

Wholesale price: $30.00

made in italy-leather handbags-(sm)


Very original! Convertible backpack shoulder bag is made from polished calf-skin leather.

Wholesale price: $27.00




Wholesale price: $17.00

italian-leather goods-1-(sm)


Leather briefcase 2 compartments

Wholesale price: $88.00

italian-leather handbags-(sm)


Backpack purse

Wholesale price: $49.00

italian-leather goods-(sm)



Wholesale price: $40.00

italian-leather accessories-(sm)



Wholesale price: $35.00



Backpack “Cinzia” in smooth calfskin

Wholesale price: $42.00

italy-leather goods-(sm)


Saffiano leather handbag

Wholesale price: $35.00

made in italy-italian bags-(sm)


Leather bag with wooden handle

Wholesale price: $65.00




Wholesale price: $26.00

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Ready-to-ship Programmed Delivery Made-to-Order Private Label Low Cost

FASHION HANDBAGS MADE IN ITALY The uniqueness of Italian styles with just one click On Florence Leather Market e-store you can find a wide variety of handcrafted, genuine-leather goods. Our very own online boutique offers trendy bags and wallets both for work and leisure time wearing, so don’t miss out on any of our fashion accessories. From classy handbags to comfortable backpack purses and shoulder-crossbody bags; from fanciful pochettes and elegant clutches to timeless doctor bags and roomy shopping bags… Have a look at our products and special offers. There’s a perfect bag for any moment and occasion. We have no doubt that on our catalog you’ll find a purse that perfectly fits each of your special moments.


QUALITY THAT COMES IN HANDY Italian products have often been associated to elegance, quality, high differentiation and strong links to tradition. And not one of your buyings here at Florence Leather Market will disappoint such expectations. Each bag, briefcase, and wallet has been designed and handmade with A class leather to offer you an excellent product, refined in every seam and insert, at the best price. Beautiful and robust at the same time, our leather bags have become must-have, lovable accessories for all the women in the world.

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World-class bags for any occasion Genuine leather in all the colors of the rainbow. Our craftsmanship allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of colors and shades. Fashionable or traditional, our bags will perfectly match and complete any of your outfits. EVERYDAY FASHION Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Whether it’s a cocktail with friends, a dinner date or a business meeting, there is plenty of opportunities for you to stylishly stand up from the crowd. So, why don’t you wear one of our genuine-leather bags to be unique? Just check out our online boutique, choose the bags that really suit you and express yourself, every day. SMART OR FANCIFUL? BUSINESS LOOKS Our briefcases (both for men and for women) have been designed to follow and assist you on the most crucial moments of your working life. Style and robustness, elegance and functionality all at your hands.


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Yes. Please send us (through the "Quick Contact" link in the Company section) a detailed profile of your past experiences and your current business. Please try to be as specific as possibile, providing as much information as possible.
Yes! Please have a look at the links in the lower left part of the "Company" section of this Showroom.
We are an Italian fashion company, so our products definitely come for a price, but they are the best in quality and style. These products are sought-after, really exclusive and usually manufactured in low quantities. They offer a really great value for money, but they cannot be definitely compared with the price of products coming from China or other low-cost countries. If you are interested in products costing very few tens of US dollars or less, sorry, it is likely we aren't your next supplier!
Yes. Occasionally we have some lots of overstocked products or assorted remainders from past seasons, including some second-grade merchandise. All of this stuff is sold at below-wholesale prices. Please ask for availabilities.
Please contact us through the "Quick Contact" link in the company section of this showroom, detailing where you are located and what are you interested in. Though we have several agents and distributors worldwide, we are not everywhere. In such a case we can sell wholesale directly to your retail shop. Our minimum quantities are really very low and you can purchase at better prices when sourcing directly from the manufacturer!
Our wholesale prices are already the best ones we can offers to first-time buyers placing small-medium orders. We try our best to be as competitive as possible, without sacrificing our superior quality or service. Anyway, large orders or orders related to multiple quantities of the same article can be open to some sort of negotiation.
Yes: we usually accept payments by credit card through PayPal. As an alternative we accept payment by bank transfer. All payments are always advanced.
No, our company sells wholesale only. If you contact us detailing your full address we can let you know about the nearest shop or boutique selling our fantastic products.
Usually we don't, but your direct enquire to check our current sales policy is welcome. We basically manufacture products and have no logistic facilities to provide a dropshipping service. Anyway, you can purchase from us at the lowest wholesale prices with very low or even no minimum quantities. Sourcing directly from us will give you a tremendous competitive advantage and higher profits!


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