MARINA MILANI - Tailoring women's handemade  bags with various particular materials

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MARINA MILANI is an Italian fashion brand that produces bags created with vegan leather and various very special fabrics, some printed on request. We want to provide a Made in Italy product perfect for boutiques and online stores. Low minimums at an excellent quality-price




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MARINA MILANI, based in Bologna, is an Italian brand of bags created one by one, in full Made in Italy style. Some creations are in Limited Edition, others can also be ordered in large quantities; no one can and wants to be the same as another, the uniqueness remains essential for us and appreciated by the customer who always buys a single piece. We love beautiful seams, we use studs and rivets only for the finishes. From the choice of materials to designs, from production to sale, nothing is left to chance, each step is followed personally, almost maniacal care for the particular.


MARINA MILANI sells its exclusive products to specialized stores and trendy boutiques, with the assortment in the lowest prices. They are also perfect for dropships, retailers and wholesalers looking for a new high quality product at an affordable price. We are looking for interested dealers all over the world, with important partnerships we release the zone exclusive.

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    Via Dell'Osteria
    40050 Monterenzio (Bologna)
  • +39-3779806951
  • +39-3779806951
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  • Person to contact:
    Mrs. Marina Milani
  • Call from 10:30AM to 06:30PM GMT+1
    (Local time now: 11:37AM)
    Monday through Friday
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We create high quality women's bags, 100% made in Bologna-Italy, in laboratories of highly qualified Italian artisans, all creations are personalized, one by one both for the shop and for the wholesaler. We use only top quality materials, faux fur, linen, cork, canvas, scratched alcantara, lace and macramé, precious velvet and viscose. On request and for quantities only items with prints on vegan leather or canvas, ours in exclusive and unique.

Wholesale price range

HANDBAGS - Fabric Bags
From 35.6307364094 to 81.2826174339 USD
HANDBAGS - Faux Leather Bags
From 32.290354871 to 83.5095384595 USD

Product Showcase



Handemade in vegan leather and cotton available in other colors



Handemade backpack Corck and cotton possible combinations between Alcantara



Handemade with exclusive print for the brand displites many others



Tote vegan leather and macramè available in various colors



vegan leather available in various colors



Handemade vegan leather with macramè available in various colors



Handemade vegan leather with canvas



possible with base in Cork or Alcantara Graffiata or vegan leather


245 BLU

possible combinations between cork or Alcantara Graffiata or vegan leather and various Canvas-Cotton



possible combinations between cork or Alcantara Graffiata or vegan leather and various Canvas-Cotton



possible combinations between Cork or Alcantara Graffiata or vegan leather and various Canvas-Cotton



Handemade backpack Alcantara and cotton possible combinations


Yes. Please send us (through the "Quick Contact" link in the Company section) a detailed profile of your past experiences and your current business. Please try to be as specific as possibile, providing as much information as possible.
Yes! Please have a look at the links in the lower left part of the "Company" section of this Showroom.
We are an Italian fashion company, so our products definitely come for a price, but they are the best in quality and style. These products are sought-after, really exclusive and usually manufactured in low quantities. They offer a really great value for money, but they cannot be definitely compared with the price of products coming from China or other low-cost countries. If you are interested in products costing very few tens of US dollars or less, sorry, it is likely we aren't your next supplier!
Yes. Occasionally we have some products, very few, assorted of past seasons. All this stuff is sold at prices lower than the wholesale ones. Please ask for availability.
Please contact us via the "Quick Contact" link in the company section of this showroom, specifying in detail where you are and what you are interested in. Although we have several agents and distributors all over the world, we are not everywhere. In this case we can sell wholesale directly to your store at better prices by buying directly from the manufacturer!
Our wholesale prices are already the best ones we can offers to first-time buyers placing small-medium orders. We try our best to be as competitive as possible, without sacrificing our superior quality or service. Anyway, large orders or orders related to multiple quantities of the same article can be open to some sort of negotiation.
Yes: we usually accept payments by credit card through PayPal. As an alternative we accept payment by bank transfer. All payments are always advanced.
No, our company sells wholesale only. If you contact us detailing your full address we can let you know about the nearest shop or boutique selling our fantastic products.
Yup! We are in favor of cooperating with you in dropship, see also the catalog on our website. Sourcing directly from us will give you a tremendous competitive advantage and higher profits!

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