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MAXFLY - Shopping comfort bags

Shopping comfort bags

one of the most comfort bags, in front has 2 pockets and the backside 1 pocket with zipper, it has a zipper to open the bag, inside has the pocket with zipper, at the back has also another pocket.


MAXFLY - Backpack with style

Backpack with style

the backpack's functions are very nice, the front has 2 zippers then in the middle a pocket, the backpack can be tighten like a bag.


MAXFLY - The lover's bags

The lover's bags

the shape is attractive, open the bag there is a compartment with zipper in the middle and 2 pocket with it, at the back has a zipper with pocket.


MAXFLY - Workbag with fashion

Workbag with fashion

the middle of the bag has a zipper for opening the bag, inside there is a compartment with zipper and also a pocket/zipper inside. the adjustable lontstrap never miss and put it together is awesome.


MAXFLY - The 24h bag

The 24h bag

the size are big, double zipper on it and another zipper in front. itdoesn't miss anything with a bag for work, there is also a longer strap.


MAXFLY - The little world

The little world

this is very practive, have 3 zippers on it and 1 at the back, the bag challenges you to fit it full. adjustable strap with it.


MAXFLY - Vintage


very comfort and practive bag, is also a backpack if pull the handles. many pockets in front and also zipper at the back.


MAXFLY - The enjoy

The enjoy

the most likable elegant bag, the opening is with zipper. adjustable long strap is included and also the short one.


MAXFLY - The Smart

The Smart

spaceful bag in every part, zipper in front, in the middle and at the back. short handle and also long adjustable strap with it.


MAXFLY - Vintage


very smart bag, in the middle has a zipper and at the back another one. is washed leather, the vintage collection never miss. an adjustable longer strap is with it.


MAXFLY - Vintage


very trendy and cool bag, has zipper at the back. can be handle with the chain+leather or by the adjustable long strap.


MAXFLY - The belt bag

The belt bag

very particular bag, it has pocket+zipper in the front and opening zipper. adjustable strap in double colors.


MAXFLY - The quilted bag

The quilted bag

very unique the style of the model, adjustable handle. inside compartment in the middle and zipper with it.


MAXFLY - The bottle bag

The bottle bag

simple style, very chic and practive to handle it. the adjustable strap is inside and the bag has the zipper in the middle, inside there is a pocket with zip.


MAXFLY - The Unique bag

The Unique bag

the classic bag, with a new design in the front. at the back there is a zipper. in the middle there is a zipper to open the bag. included adjustable strap.


MAXFLY - Shopping bag

Shopping bag

the classic shopping bag, with zipper in the middle, feels more secure. at the back there is also a zipper.


MAXFLY - The wardrobe bag

The wardrobe bag

this bag is very spacious, 5 compartment inside. short handle included, and long adjustable strap .


MAXFLY - The new classic

The new classic

there is a zipper for opening the bag. compartment inside the bag, inside the bag there is also pocket with zip. at the back has zip and long adjustable strap.


MAXFLY - The lock bag

The lock bag

different kind of bag, for open the bag need to pull the lock, very easy to make it. inside there is also zipper for open inside the bag. short handle is included and also adjustable long strap.


MAXFLY - The B bag

The B bag

one of the most elegant and very youth bag. there is zipper for open the bag, inside has the pocket with zip. adjustable long strap is included.

MAXFLY - The Ocean bag

The Ocean bag

it doesn't look like as it is, inside there is the comfort. 2 zipper with compartment inside, and long adjustable strap.


MAXFLY - Luxury


is very gorgeous , and elegant. adjustable long strap include, for opening the bag need to open the lock, very easy.


MAXFLY - The round handle bag

The round handle bag

the bag is double function, can be used by a normal bag, handing the round handle. at the back has the strap for the backpack mode. in the middle has zipper for opening the bag.


MAXFLY - The CV bag

The CV bag

the classic, the elegant, the classy. unique style, there is pocket inside. long adjustable strap.

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