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Flamor srl is an Italian company based in the heart of Tuscany. Straight from Florence, Italy, top quality design and authentic Handmade items. Our Fashion Jewelry collections are the core of our business and such details are transferred to all our product lines, from handbags to belts to small leaather goods and more, all for a unique, colorful and trendy look.




Flamor srl offers handmade high quality products with remarkable style denoted by the original use of filigree elements, geometric forms and colorful crystals - all under our brandname Monnaluna. Thanks to great care in our manufacturing process starting from the choice of the best materials and the most diligent workmanship standards of expert presonnel, Flamor srl provides the best quality, with the utmost attention to environment and work ethics in the creation of high quality Made in Italy fashion items.

Wholesale price range

HANDBAGS - Leather Bags
From 17.2716791958 to 140.332393466 USD
HANDBAGS - Luxury Leather Bags
From 17.2716791958 to 140.332393466 USD
JEWELRY - Costume Jewellery
From 17.2716791958 to 129.537593969 USD
From 17.2716791958 to 140.332393466 USD

Product Showcase

(sku: ML100_18)

Genuine leather Onda Handbag

Wholesale price: $123.00

(sku: CNL730_19)

Grid Collection Necklace

Wholesale price: $70.00

(sku: ANL020_14)

Dew Drop Collection Ring

Wholesale price: $35.00

(sku: ML013_14)

Lucrezia Genuine Leather handbag

Wholesale price: $100.00

(sku: ONL721_19)

Briante Diadem Collection Earrings

Wholesale price: $32.00

(sku: ONL531_15)

Imperial Design Earrings

Wholesale price: $47.00

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italian costume jewellery :  costume jewels,fashion jewellery,wholesale costume jewellery,made in italy

Milanese mesh necklace



Ready-to-ship Programmed Delivery Made-to-Order

Flamor srl was established in 2009 and is based in Florence, Italy. From our flagship shop in Florence, to North America and China, and across the globe, our products reach our growing number of fans with the Monnaluna look. Flamor srl offers the highest standard of fashion jewelry, genuine leather handbags and more fashion items with an eye for the latest color trends and requests of the fashion world. Only the best and most skilled craftsmen are allowed o contribute to the creation of our fashion products.


Flamor srl typically sells its superb products to wholesalers and department stores, but also serves retailers in various countries and regions. Our flagship shop is located in Shanghai, China. Specialty shops and boutiques are very enthusiastic customers, accross the globe because of affordable minimums for our high quality Italian fashion products. Flamor srl, undeer the brand Monnaluna, provides products that are also great for Internet shops. Business projects ranging from distribution contracts to franchising agreements and more are an integral part of the Monnaluna project.

Collections, Brands and Trademarks

Flamor srl presents Monnaluna Collections twice a year: SS and FW. These main collections are interspaced throughout the year with spot presentations of a few pieces to keep our fans satisfied. We provide personalization of products with the possibility of selecting the finish of the fashion jewelry goods as well as the color of the crystals. All to help inhance the growth of Monnaluna fashion products with care towards the specific needs and requests of the individual markets.



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Yes. Please send us (through the "Quick Contact" link in the Company section) a detailed profile of your past experiences and your current business. Please try to be as specific as possibile, providing as much information as possible.
Yes! Please have a look at the links in the lower left part of the "Company" section of this Showroom.
We are an Italian fashion company, so our products definitely come for a price, but they are the best in quality and style. These products are sought-after, really exclusive and usually manufactured in low quantities. They offer a really great value for money, but they cannot be definitely compared with the price of products coming from China or other low-cost countries. If you are interested in products costing very few tens of US dollars or less, sorry, it is likely we aren't your next supplier!
Yes. Occasionally we have some lots of overstocked products or assorted remainders from past seasons, including some second-grade merchandise. All of this stuff is sold at below-wholesale prices. Please ask for availabilities.
Please contact us through the "Quick Contact" link in the company section of this showroom, detailing where you are located and what are you interested in. Though we have several agents and distributors worldwide, we are not everywhere. In such a case we can sell wholesale directly to your retail shop. Our minimum quantities are really very low and you can purchase at better prices when sourcing directly from the manufacturer!
Our wholesale prices are already the best ones we can offers to first-time buyers placing small-medium orders. We try our best to be as competitive as possible, without sacrificing our superior quality or service. Anyway, large orders or orders related to multiple quantities of the same article can be open to some sort of negotiation.
Yes: we usually accept payments by credit card through PayPal. As an alternative we accept payment by bank transfer. All payments are always advanced.
No, our company sells wholesale only. If you contact us detailing your full address we can let you know about the nearest shop or boutique selling our fantastic products.
Usually we don't, but your direct enquire to check our current sales policy is welcome. We basically manufacture products and have no logistic facilities to provide a dropshipping service. Anyway, you can purchase from us at the lowest wholesale prices with very low or even no minimum quantities. Sourcing directly from us will give you a tremendous competitive advantage and higher profits!



We hope that even those of you that are in Florence on a vacation or visiting, will stop by to see our collections. All is entirely handmade in our shop or within 5 Km. Our shop is in the city center near Palazzo Pitti and Ponte Vecchio in the authentic Artisan area of the city. All our pieces are in genuine leather and handmade. You can partecipate by selecting your crystal color combinations to suite your taste. Colors are part of our emotions and wearing what pleases you is always important in making you feel comfortable. Accessories can change your look entirely which is why we want you to feel part of it by selecting your combinations.


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