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NC POP is an Italian fashion company manufacturing high quality leather, eco-leather and cool handbags for upscale boutiques. Low minimums for this unique kind of Italian product. Inspired by a "POP-Artistic" philosophy.




Bags from our last capsule called RoseGold (bacauseof the sparkling color of the inner material) MP Bag A total balck, confortable shopping bag with a shining inner soul. With its two big pockets (one inside and one outside, I-phone plus-size, under the 45 rpm record which close it), funny materials and its fabulous 45 rpm record as main detail (realized in leather and vinyl), this bag speaks the universal langiuage of music. Thanks to its color, its shape and its mood MP bag is always the right choise: perfect with a casual outfit and point of personality in a more classic look. MP Bag is compleatly handmade by italian artisan and it’s ispired by a pop and axclusive concept of unique item. MP Bag is available in other 2 versions: Fluo and Shiny Pink. NICKY Bag A one of a kind city bag. Compleatly realized in real leather just with a inner shining soul. This bag rapresents the most important icons to which women should refer: themselves! Just normal women... the real stars. The forst "face" is inspired by Nicky (NC POP art director) and is realized in dofferent kinds of real leather customized as the style needed. Nicky is a hand bag with a pocket inside. It's a bag absolutely multifuntional beacuse of it's nature of uniqueness: there's no need to match with something in your look, it’s so unique that it will go with all types of outfits. LESLEY Pack An half bucket bag inspired to the 60's icon Twiggy. This bag is a model and you are the stylist: just cahnge its cover to make it always different and perfect for all occasions. Lesly is a back-pack, is a pouch and a shoulder bag, it's up to you and your mood! Available in 3 different colors (rose, white and red with black details) WONDERPOP Baguette A classic baguette shape realized in real leather and gold vinyl with a pocket inside and an inner sparkling soul. Inspired by super heroes, WonderPop Baguette is the secret weapon of us Wonder Women of everyday life, because we are the real super heroes, we are the fashion warriors and we'll spred the courage of being wonderful, fashion and strong! Available in other 2 version: Wonder Ocean (shining blue and green materials) and Wonder Night (Black vinil and shining gray materials)  CHALIE Bag A new concept of satchel bag inspired by the picturesque simplicity of the Peanuts world. A very easy bag with  a very easy use. Fresh, confortable, funny, simple and iconic exactly as the carachter that inspired it, Charlie Brown. Charlie is a messenger Bag available in other 2 different version: Lovely Charlie (pink with red details) and Charlie Dot (Grey with black-shining details). Hats from our last collection CHARLIE Hat Exactly as the Bag, Charlie hat is inspired by the picturesque simplicity of the Peanuts world. A very easy porkpie hat with of a very easy use. Fresh, confortable, funny, simple and iconic excatley as the carachter that inspired it, Charlie Brown. Charlie hat is an agender hat available in 2 versions: summer (yellow woven straw with black vinyl details) and winter (yellow wool with back details).

Product Showcase

(sku: RG Nicky )

City Bag

(sku: RG MP Bag)

A large shopping bag, conformable and multifunction. 45 rpm vinyl record inspired.

MP Rosegold Bag
(sku: RG MP Bag)

A large shopping bag, 45 rpm vinyl record inspired.

(sku: RG Wonder )

Classic Baguette Wonder Woman inspired in leather & gold vinyl. 'Cause we are the heroes!

Lovely Ocean Baguette
(sku: RG Wonder)

Classic Baguette, Wonder Woman inspired in leather & gold vinyl. 'Cause we are the heroes!

Wonder Knight Baguette
(sku: RG Wonder)

Classic Baguette, Wonder Woman inspired in leather & gold vinyl. 'Cause we are the heroes!

RG_Lesley_pure 01
(sku: RG Lesley Pack)

Half bucket, comfortable and all-around. Twiggy inspired. Lesley is pouch, backpack & shoulder bag

Lesley Pack Shy Bag

Half bucket, comfortable and all-around. Twiggy inspired. Lesley is pouch, backpack & shoulder bag.

Lesley Pack Flame Bag

Half bucket, comfortable and all-around. Twiggy inspired. Lesley is pouch, backpack & shoulder bag.

(sku: RG Charlie )

A new concept of folder, capacious, confortable and so POP!

Charlie Dot Bag
(sku: RG Charlie)

A new concept of satchel bag, cool, confortable and so POP!

Charlie Bag
(sku: RG Charlie)

A new concept of satchel bag, cool, confortable and so POP!

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MP Bag


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Lesley Pack Bag


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Lesley cover


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Nicky Bag


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Charlie Bag


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Wonder Pop Baguette


Lots of our products from past seasons, at discounted wholesale prices



Price of WHOLE lot: EUR 450.00
approx USD 488.56
Quantity in the lot: 10 Pcs



Price of WHOLE lot: EUR 390.00
approx USD 423.42
Quantity in the lot: 6 Pcs



Price of WHOLE lot: EUR 360.00
approx USD 390.85
Quantity in the lot: 6 Pcs



Price of WHOLE lot: EUR 184.00
approx USD 199.77
Quantity in the lot: 4 Pcs



Price of WHOLE lot: EUR 385.00
approx USD 417.99
Quantity in the lot: 7 Pcs


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NC POP - an exclusive reality of made in Italy fashion – characterized for its creations by a distinctive feature of manufacture but first for its unique philosophy, base of all project. A new vision of POP where fashion is the color with which painting the picture of one's every day life, because this last one is our real master piece and we can make it "serial". "Dress up your art" is the brand’s claim that through the work of a real factory, merges fashion and cult themes in a new fashion experience of wearing, giving life to a thematic capsule of bags inspired by Charlie Brown, Twiggy, Super Heroes and Metropolitan Icons. The whole NC POP productions is based on thematic capsules that pretend to mirror of the value customers want to express and is realized completely by Italian professionals whit precious and particular materials. An important aspect of the distinctiveness of the NC POP creations is tied to the limited number of pieces available. Not just accessories but little pieces of art with a whole world inside: the world of the artistic an creative Italian History.


Our products are aimed at mall, shops and boutique which want a really different product, with more than just an artistic taste, absolutely made in Italy in limited edition for a particular, sophisticated clientele that appreciate a specific culture -our pop-philosophy- behind fashion-pieces.

Collections, Brands and Trademarks

RoseGold capsule is the first NC POP production for the foreign market. Every bag is inspired by a new pop philosophy that mix cult thematics with actual fashion in iconic shapes. Because art is our everyday life and fashion is the color which we paint every signal day making it serial. Within each of us there is a whole world full of many facets: we are super heroes but we are also playful kids, we are the avant-garde but we are also all brothers on this planet. That's why NC POP chooses Wonder Woman, Charlie Brown, Twiggy and the international language of music as themes of inspiration for its creations. Every NC POP bag is a peace of your art, realized with precious and particular materiale from leather to vinyl passing by all kind of eco material and fur. NC POP is a total made in Italy brand: from the art director to all the professionals involved in to the production process till the delivery to costumers.


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We are an Italian fashion company, so our products definitely come for a price, but they are the best in quality and style. These products are sought-after, really exclusive and usually manufactured in low quantities. They offer a really great value for money, but they cannot be definitely compared with the price of products coming from China or other low-cost countries. If you are interested in products costing very few tens of US dollars or less, sorry, it is likely we aren't your next supplier!
Yes. Occasionally we have some lots of overstocked products or assorted remainders from past seasons, including some second-grade merchandise. All of this stuff is sold at below-wholesale prices. Please ask for availabilities.
Please contact us through the "Quick Contact" link in the company section of this showroom, detailing where you are located and what are you interested in. Though we have several agents and distributors worldwide, we are not everywhere. In such a case we can sell wholesale directly to your retail shop. Our minimum quantities are really very low and you can purchase at better prices when sourcing directly from the manufacturer!
Our wholesale prices are already the best ones we can offers to first-time buyers placing small-medium orders. We try our best to be as competitive as possible, without sacrificing our superior quality or service. Anyway, large orders or orders related to multiple quantities of the same article can be open to some sort of negotiation.
Yes: we usually accept payments by credit card through PayPal. As an alternative we accept payment by bank transfer. All payments are always advanced.
No, our company sells wholesale only. If you contact us detailing your full address we can let you know about the nearest shop or boutique selling our fantastic products.
Usually we don't, but your direct enquire to check our current sales policy is welcome. We basically manufacture products and have no logistic facilities to provide a dropshipping service. Anyway, you can purchase from us at the lowest wholesale prices with very low or even no minimum quantities. Sourcing directly from us will give you a tremendous competitive advantage and higher profits!

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