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Tyc's is an extraordinary bag concept, designed to be transformed into many others : many bags without having really to change it

The heart of the concept, is an innovative industrial model bag / patent pending, which breaks down into some integrated but separated elements a) Bag - Body which is the internal containment, fixed also during transformation b) Bag – Dress which represents the esthetical style change c) Bag – Accessory to properly accompany the chosen Dress style A fully made in Italy production , starting from the style process, going through the raw materials selection, arriving to expert artisans at the Riviera del Brenta district, so to develop only Limited Edition dresses to establish Tyc’s exclusivity We already fixed a future product development timeline, so to have a solid Tyc’s Family Identity within year 2021, on different sizes and shapes but always under the same Tyc’s DNA For more details, You are more then welcome to visit us at https://www.tycs.it

Wholesale price range
  • HANDBAGS - Faux Leather Bags

    $57.68 to $187.16
  • HANDBAGS - Leather Bags

    $176.57 to $351.96
  • HANDBAGS - Luxury Leather Bags

    $176.57 to $351.96
  • LEATHER GOODS - Handbags

    $47.09 to $234.25

Collection highlights

A selection of our fantastic products.
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TYC'S - Art. D18 - 02 A

Art. D18 - 02 A

zebra design dress - unique embossed on velvet for an elegant effect

TYC'S - Art. S18-08 3G

Art. S18-08 3G

full bag - leopard eco-leather animalier style, with precious gold finishes

TYC'S - Art. S18-06 1A

Art. S18-06 1A

full bag - exclusive optical effect for an elegant, unique design bag

TYC'S - Art. D18 - 07 A

Art. D18 - 07 A

dress princess - classicality actualised by a sophisticated glitter effect

TYC'S - Art. S18-04 2A

Art. S18-04 2A

exclusive printed eco leather full bag, shiny and soft touch

TYC'S - Art. S18-05 1A

Art. S18-05 1A

full bag, a sparkling effect for an enviable look

TYC'S - Art. D18 - 03 A

Art. D18 - 03 A

denim dress, the convertible bag for all occasions

TYC'S - Art. S18 - 01 1A

Art. S18 - 01 1A

full bag - damasco fantasy on satin, embellished with shiny embroidery

TYC'S - Art. B18-01

Art. B18-01

body bag of regenerated leather. quality and eco-sustainability combined

TYC'S - Art. A18-01 A

Art. A18-01 A

braided black handles with 6 threads. soft touch but durable

TYC'S - Art. A18-02 A

Art. A18-02 A

braided fucsia handles with 6 threads. soft touch but durable

TYC'S - Code A18-03 G

Code A18-03 G

braided brown handles with 6 threads. soft touch but durable

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Fashion & innovation, for woman bags, fully made in Italy, by expert artisans. Available as Full Sets or by single components - Body, Dresses ,Accessories

Surplus offers

Our fantastic products from past seasons, at below-wholesale prices

TYC'S - Tote Bag  Tyc's

Tyc's Skin

tote bag tyc's

Price of WHOLE lot:
Quantity in the lot: 6 Pcs

TYC'S - 12 tote Bags   / 4 styles

3 bags each style

12 tote bags / 4 styles

Price of WHOLE lot:
Quantity in the lot: 12 Pcs

TYC'S - 8 Tote bag / 4 styles

2 bags each style

8 tote bag / 4 styles

Price of WHOLE lot:
Quantity in the lot: 8 Pcs

TYC'S - Tote Bag Denim

Tyc's Denim

tote bag denim

Price of WHOLE lot:
Quantity in the lot: 5 Pcs

TYC'S - Eco Fur women Tote bag


eco fur women tote bag

Price of WHOLE lot:
Quantity in the lot: 5 Pcs

TYC'S - Tote bag  Zebra

Tyc's Zebra

tote bag zebra

Price of WHOLE lot:
Quantity in the lot: 6 Pcs

Our Company

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We established in 2017 a Tyc's dedicated company by gathering different competences around the same working table. Style, Craftmanship, Quality, Comunication, CustomerCare are the key success factors constantly monitored. Logistic function is fully outsourced but in solid hands with UPS standards A lean organization so to: 1) be able to quickly react to new trends, listening to the different market needs. 2) work on small production run to reinforce the perceived exclusivity of our proposal 3) look for a “one to one” business relationship, straight and profitable for all parties



We are looking to develop sales internationally – in EU but also worldwide, by being at the moment sold only on the italian territory. The consumer profile we are targeting for is : a) Woman between 25 - 55 years old b) Medium – Medium/ High disposable income c) Taking care of quality and value for money of the product d) Willing to make her style choices, proactively and independently

Collections & Brands

The brand we are focusing on is Tyc’s / Time to Change The collection is for the time being composed by a) 8 Full Set Bags b) 1 Fixed Body element c) 8 independent Dresses elements d) 3 dedicated set of Handles

Our Brands

TYC'S - Brand Logo 1

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Yes. Please send us (through the "Quick Contact" link in the Company section) a detailed profile of your past experiences and your current business. Please try to be as specific as possibile, providing as much information as possible.
Yes! Please have a look at the links in the lower left part of the "Company" section of this Showroom.
We are an Italian fashion company, so our products definitely come for a price, but they are the best in quality and style. These products are sought-after, really exclusive and usually manufactured in low quantities. They offer a really great value for money, but they cannot be definitely compared with the price of products coming from China or other low-cost countries.
Yes. Occasionally we have some lots of overstocked products or assorted remainders from past seasons, including some second-grade merchandise. All of this stuff is sold at below-wholesale prices. Please ask for availabilities.
Please contact us through the "Quick Contact" link in the company section of this showroom, detailing where you are located and what are you interested in. Though we have several agents and distributors worldwide, we are not everywhere. In such a case we can sell wholesale directly to your retail shop. Our minimum quantities are really very low and you can purchase at better prices when sourcing directly from the manufacturer!
Our wholesale prices are already the best ones we can offers to first-time buyers placing small-medium orders. We try our best to be as competitive as possible, without sacrificing our superior quality or service. Anyway, large orders or orders related to multiple quantities of the same article can be open to some sort of negotiation.
Yes: we usually accept payments by credit card through PayPal. As an alternative we accept payment by bank transfer. All payments are always advanced.
On our site, there is also an E-Commerce tool. On full collection, standard prices, worldwide delivery
It's actually a possible service, thx to the business relationship we do have with UPS logistic platform, shipping worldwide

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